Brooklyn wedding and event planner transportation services

Top 6 Tips for Brooklyn Wedding and Event Planner Transportation Services Arrangement

Are you planning your client’s wedding transportation in Brooklyn, NY? It is easy to leave the wedding transportation arrangement to the last minute. 

However, it is a risky thing to do. You may assume there are many transportation providers around you and can get any of them at the eleventh hour. If you have this mindset, your client may receive poor service from the provider and leaves bad reviews for you. 

So, are you planning a wedding for a client? Do you have transportation arrangements as part of your responsibilities? Let’s check out tips for a seamless Brooklyn wedding bus rental service.

Tip #1: Hire a Professional and Reputable Wedding Transportation Service in Brooklyn NY

If you check Google, you will probably find a few dozen Brooklyn wedding transportation service providers. However, they are not all the same. 

A reputable wedding transportation company like Sprinter Van Rental NYC ensures your client and their wedding guests arrive at the wedding destination on time. 

They also add a touch of class to the wedding by providing exquisite transportation arrangements for the couple and their guests. You do not have to worry about disappointments using a reputable wedding transportation service in Brooklyn, NY.

Tip #2: Book the Wedding Transportation in NYC As Soon as Possible

Never leave the wedding transportation NYC arrangement as the last thing on your list. A lot can happen, and you may be disappointed if you do not book early. It is especially important to book early if the wedding is happening in wedding peak season. 

When vehicles are in high demand, you may not get your preferred ride. For instance, if your client requests a special ride like an extra large bus for the guests or a vintage sports car, you may find it difficult to get one during peak season.

Tip #3: Pad the Travel Time for the Transportation Service Wedding in Brooklyn NY

The wedding schedule is often packed and everything must run on time for a smooth event. To ensure a smooth event, ensure you add extra travel time with the wedding transportation service in Brooklyn, NY provider. 

Consider the time it takes the bride to do their hair, and makeup, dress up and get ready to leave. You also have to consider the time the guests will take to prepare for the wedding. You may want to give a buffer of about thirty minutes for unexpected travel delays, such as road construction or traffic. 

Tip #4: Plan the Route with the Wedding Transportation NYC Service Provider

To avoid delays from traffic, we recommend you plan the route with the wedding transportation NYC service provider. Although this responsibility is mostly left to the transportation company, you should discuss it with them and agree. 

Ensure you agree on the exact directions to the wedding venue and reception. It is also a good idea to have a backup plan if something goes wrong. Sprinter Van Rental NYC will discuss the options with you and plan the route carefully to ensure a seamless transportation experience.

Tip #5: Include Brooklyn Wedding Party Bus Rental Information on the Invites

Let the wedding guests know about the transportation arrangement. It will make no sense to arrange a Brooklyn wedding party bus rental and not have guests riding in them because they made other arrangements. 

Ensure you include the information about the vehicle and the pickup time in the wedding invitation or wedding website. It is also a good idea to add a map to the invite and website for people that may be driving to the event.

Tip #6: Choose Shuttle Rental for Weddings in Brooklyn, NY with Ample Space

Cramping your client’s wedding guests in a small bus is unprofessional. These guests will dress to the nines, and stuffing them together will leave a sour taste after your service. 

Therefore, choose a shuttle rental for weddings in Brooklyn, NY with enough space to make everyone comfortable. We recommend a headcount of the expected wedding guests before booking a ride. Also, consider leaving a few extra seats empty for more comfort. 

Hire Shuttle Bus for Weddings in Brooklyn

Wedding transportation comes with lots of challenges. You have many factors to consider when choosing the right kind of vehicle. You need a reliable and reputable transportation service provider to work with you. 

At Sprinter Van Rental NYC, we offer exceptional service for seamless wedding transportation. Whatever the size of the wedding, we have vehicles that will accommodate everyone. Talk to us today to discuss your clients’ wedding transportation in Brooklyn, NY needs. Top wedding destinations we offer our services to and from include:

  • The Liberty Warehouse
  • Deity
  • The Picnic House in Prospect Park
  • The Greenpoint Loft
  • The Green Building
  • Brooklyn Winery
  • The Riviera Brooklyn