Nassau County Wedding and Event Planner Transportation Service

Ultimate Guide to Nassau County Wedding and Event Planner Transportation Services

The first step in planning a wedding is selecting the perfect wedding destination, even before choosing a date. You have to be sure the venue is available for your preferred date. New York City offers some of the best picturesque venues you will love to celebrate your special day. 

So, when you are certain of the venue and the date, a flurry of activities began. As an event planner, Nassau County wedding transportation service arrangement is often a part of your responsibility. 

Whether the wedding is held locally or out of town, getting your client and their wedding guests to the wedding destination reliably and safely is as important as choosing the venue. This post provides you with a guide to the wedding shuttle service on Long Island.

What to Consider When Booking Nassau County Wedding Transportation Services

Renting a wedding sprinter van in Nassau County has numerous benefits. First, it is the safest way of getting the wedding guests to the wedding venue comfortably and on time to celebrate the special event. Before you book a wedding shuttle service, here are some factors to consider:

Factor #1: Nassau County Shuttle Bus Rental for Guests Flying in

If your client has many guests flying in, it is best to recommend arranging a Nassau Count Shuttle bus rental for them. Destination weddings involve families from different states flying in for the event. 

You can remove the hassle of transportation for the guests by providing them with a comfy bus for airport pick-up. You can be sure the out-of-town guests will appreciate the thoughtfulness involved in organizing their transportation. 

You can talk to us at Sprinter Van Rental NYC for a reliable wedding shuttle service package for all your client’s transportation needs.

Factor #2: When to Book the Wedding Shuttle Service Long Island

When should you book the wedding shuttle service on Long Island? We understand you have a lot on your itinerary. However, you must never leave the transportation booking to the last minute. 

Instead, we recommend you book the service as soon as the venue and date are confirmed. When you book early, you get better pricing and assurance of using well-maintained vehicles. We recommend you go for a physical examination of the vehicles before concluding the contract.

 Ideally, you should book the luxury wedding transportation service in Nassau County at least three to six months before the wedding. You may experience a price surge or scarce availability if you wait until the last minute.

Factor #3: The Cost of the NYC Wedding Bus Rental

Several factors will determine the final cost of the NYC wedding bus rental. These factors include the number of guests, type of vehicle, desired features, itinerary, and distance traveled. 

The biggest factors contributing to the price of the vehicle are the driver’s on-duty time and drive time. The drive time is the duration the driver spends behind the wheel, while on-duty time means the whole time the driver is working. 

The best way to save money on Long Island transportation services is to streamline the wedding itinerary and reduce delays. 

Factor #4: What Shuttle Bus Rental is the Best for the Wedding?

Each charter bus has its unique amenities and advantages. The guest size is the first consideration when choosing a shuttle bus rental service in Nassau County. A coach bus rental is preferable if you are planning a bigger wedding. 

A coach bus can comfortably seat 55 passengers. It has different amenities, including WiFi, air conditioning, storage space, ample legroom, and more. If you are looking to transport about 20 people, a mini-coach will do just fine.

Hire the Best Wedding Shuttle Service on Long Island

Choosing a reputable wedding shuttle service Long Island provider is crucial to the success of your transportation arrangement. Sprinter Van Rental NYC is your one-stop destination for everything wedding transportation. 

Talk to us today to discuss the packages for your clients’ luxury wedding transportation in Long Island.

FAQ on Nassau County Wedding and Event Planner Transportation Services

Q: How much is a Wedding Shuttle Service in Nassau County?

A: Prices depend on the type of bus you want. A School bus with the capacity to accommodate 45 passengers costs an average of $81 per hour, while a coach bus seating 55 passengers cost an average of $115.

Q: What are the top wedding destinations around Nassau County?

A: There are many options for wedding venues in Nassau County. Some of the popular ones include:

  • Leonard’s Palazzo
  • Westbury Manor
  • Sand Castle Wedding Venue
  • Stewart Manor Country Club
  • Swan Club on the Harbor
  • NYIT de Seversky Mansion
  • North Ritz Club
  • Rivieria Waterfront Mansion